BoshNRoll – Endurance Saga Lands League

I play a Magic the Gathering Online Legacy league with Urza’s Saga Lands, the list courtesy of Patreon subscriber Lauren. There’s a crazy trick with Thespian’s Stage where you can copy UI SWEEP a Magic the Gathering Online Legacy league with Lands, the deck of choice from Patreon subscriber Lauren! Lauren has tuned a build of MTG’s best non-blue control + prison + combo deck with Modern Horizons 2 bangers Endurance and Urza’s Saga. Lands has historically smashed Delver and blue control decks with a fast Marit Lage or a slow Life from the Loam lockout. The deck’s weakness has been combo. Endurance helps close the gaps in some combo matchups, slimming the deck’s traditional blind spot. The tech paid off and I put up an undefeated run full of tight play and some insane topdecks! MH2


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Speaking of Patreon…
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