Additional Resources

An invite link to the Lands to the discord can be found here.

Latest high-performing lists can be found on mtgtop8 here.

The following streamers either stream Lands (or Lands-adjacent decks) or else know the deck well and are great resources:

Historic Primers
Lands is an old deck and you can find a lot of older write-ups and primers. We’ve collected a few here:
(1) from the Source, 2013.
(2) from Jarvis Yu, 2015
(3) from Eric Froehlich, 2016
(4) video primer from Jody Keith, 2018
(5) from Tim Schultz, 2019

Historic Videos
There are a number of older videos (2019 & earlier) of the deck in action. As above, we’ve collected some here. If the link takes you to a player’s channel, just ctrl+F ‘Lands’ and you’re sure to come up with something.
(1) Jarvis Yu
(2) Jody Keith
(3) Legacy RG Combo Lands Coverage Playlist

Thanks and if you find any additional resources you’d like to see added to this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us.