Lands Achievements Sheet

Like most Legacy decks, Lands has all kinds of fun tricks and nonsense it can do. So I thought it would be fun to compile a them as a sort of ‘achievement unlocked’ list for Lands. You can try to get them all, compare your score to another player’s, or just have fun daydreaming about wasting yourself. Enjoy!

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Trapped in the Moon
Make Marit Lage by destroying Blood Moon

Price of the Pact
Kill a Griselbrand player with Punishing Fire after they pay too much life to their demon

Unlucky Gravedigger
Dredge three non-lands with Life from the Loam

Cups Game
Cast Crop Rotation in response to Wasteland, sacrificing the land that was already going to the graveyard

Deadly Exploration
Kill with Valakut Exploration damage

Ghost ’em
Turn Ghost Quarter into a Strip Mine by destroying all of your opponent’s basics

No Surgery, Thank You
Draw a card in response to an opposing Surgical Extraction targeting your Life from the Loam


Not So Basic
Win through Back to Basics

Too Much Exploration
Mill yourself out with Valakut Exploration (bonus points if you win before your next draw)

Urza’s Factory
Make a Thespian’s Stage that can create endless constructs by copying Urza’s Saga and then copying another land

I Can Be Deep Too
Copy an opponent’s Dark Depths with your own Thespian’s Stage

So Much Compost
Mill yourself out with Life from the Loam

Phoenix Mode
Beat From the Ashes cast against you

Maximum Punish
Cast Punishing Fire 3 times in a single turn

Some Monsters Are Bigger Than Others
Block Emrakul or Griselbrand with Marit Lage

Sure Would Be A Waste…
Wasteland yourself

Zombies For Everyone
Copy an opponent’s Field of the Dead with Thespian’s Stage

A-Mazing Endurance
Use Maze of Ith to give your creatures pseudo-vigilance by untapping them after combat damage is dealt

Trip To The Underworld
Activate Ghost Quarter targeting your own land

Spinning In Place
Crop Rotate a land for another land of the same name

Endless Ice
Make Marit Lage more than once in a game

Icy Prison
Win with a Glacial Chasm lock

Library Fees
Pay more than 20 life with Sylvan Library in a single game

Books In The Graveyard
Dredge three times in one turn via Sylvan Library


Flawless Victory
Win against an opponent who has no permanents on the battlefield
Dedicated to Neoshinji

Turbo Depths
Make Marit Lage on turn 1, kill on turn 2

Dancing Under The Moon
Make constructs under Blood Moon with a basic land that can create constructs

Singing On Stage
Copy opposing non-lands with Thespian’s Stage after enchanting them with Song of the Dryads

Bait & Switch
Bait a turn 1 Daze with Mox Diamond, then follow up with Tabernacle to kill their creature

The Price of Marit Lage
Survive Price of Progress then swing back with a 20/20

The Stories They’ll Tell
Sacrifice a legendary land other than Dark Depths

The Slow Thaw
Manually thaw Dark Depths by spending 30 mana on removing ice counters

Tireless Tracking
Sacrifice clues to Emrakul to make a huge Tireless Tracker

The Rules Don’t Apply To Me
Have 5+ copies of a land with the same name in play

Combat Training For Actors
Copy opposing creature-lands with Thespian’s Stage

Putting In The Work
Turn Ghost Quarter into Strip Mine against a deck with 6+ basics

Self-Inflicted Surgery
Cast Surgical Extraction on a card in your own graveyard

Throw It All Away
Win by casting a fling-type spell to throw Marit Lage at someone’s head

Endless Stamina
Deck your opponent (this is often done with help from Academy Ruins)

Putting It All Out There
Have no cards in hand at the end of turn 1

Compulsory Oops-ificiation
Destroy all mana-producing lands in your opponent’s deck


I’m The Infect Deck Now
Kill an opponent with infect damage (this usually requires copying their Inkmoth Nexus with Thespian’s Stage)

A Bridge Too Far
Exile opposing Bridge from Belows by destroying your own creature-land

Blast ‘Em!
Destroy a delve creature with Blast Zone

Jace Ain’t It
Beat a Jace, the Mind Sculptor ultimate

Make a Griselbrand or Emrakul via Thespian’s Stage using Song of the Dryads