Marit Lage Fan Page!

This page is devoted to our lord and savior Marit Lage. If you’d like to submit your own title or token, feel free to contact us. If you want some of the lore on our dread Witch Queen, go here.


Marit Lage has been called many things over the years. Feel free to mix and match to create your own extra cool new titles.

Queen Lage
Frozen Death Monster
Thicc Indestructible Dommy Mommy
Big ol’ Tentacle Monster

Lovecraftian Witch
Eldritch Ice Princess
Briney Beast
Dreamer of our Waking Lives


A collection of Marit Lage tokens from around the world (in no particular order).

Standard Marit Lage Token

Negator77 Lage Token

Manga Style Token

Woodcut Lage Token

Amaranth Alchemy Token

Chuck Norris Avatar Token

Japanese Tyranitar Token

William Blake Art Token

Orange Oscar Octy Glow Token

Zoidberg Lage Token

Card Kingdom Custom Art Marit Lage Token

Homemade White Ink Token

Borderless Alter Marit Lage Token

Ice Queen Marit Lage Token by Geffi Straf

Flying Ice Monster Marit Lage Token

LSV token

Zlatan Ibrahimovic token

Flying Pikachu token

Drew Tucker Dandan Artist Proof Token

Coldsnap Promo Foil Token

Beau from Animal Crossing Token

Gerry Thompson SCG Tour Token

Frozen Treat Lage Token

Textless Marit Lage Token

Limited Edition rk post Mew Avatar Token

rk post Venom Custom Token

Inklin Customs One-Punch Man Token

Hand-Drawn Tentacle Monster Lage Token

Painted Marit Lage by LENA

Rocket Gyarados Marit Lage Token

Marit Lage Token by Jeff Laubenstein

Mathias Kontos Ancient One Token

Whole Lotta Rosie token by Atomiclashes

Sarlacc Marit Lage token by Kai Sawatarix

Skull Kid token

rk post Custom Marit Lage Token

Italian Ace Token

Misprint Foil Scar Token

Googly Eye Lage Token

Bearit Lage Token

Handwritten Lage Token

Jeff Laubenstein Custom Marit Lage Token

The Pig Token

rk post Majora’s Mask Custom Token

rk post ML Avatar Token

Yummi Lage Token


Plushie Lage Token

Full Art Marit Lage Token by Brimstone and Bone

Peter Mohrbacher Legendary Avatar Token

Wooden Avatar token by Stefano Goina

Woodblock Style token by Eddie La Marca

Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth token