Enemy Basic Land Counts

Ghost Quarter is a beautiful card that used to be played as a 4-of. These days it is a 1-of as a way to circumvent things like Needle on Wasteland or as a 5th copy of Wasteland in a good chunk of matchups. But there is one thing Ghost Quarter can do that no other land in our deck can do: run the opponent entirely out of lands. In cases where the opponent does not have any basics left in their deck, we can use Ghost Quarter as a virtual Strip Mine to destroy any land with impunity.

The bad news, however, is that most Legacy decks do run some number of basics. The good news is that often that number is very low. By recurring Ghost Quarter with Loam, we can often run them out of basics and get to the point where Ghost Quarter is destroying basics as well.

To know when trying to do this is correct, it is important to know how many basic lands your opponent is likely to be playing. To help with this, I’ve set up a list of common decks and the number of basic Lands they’re likely to be on. This list, of course, is merely a guideline; as the format changes or people try different builds, the numbers could well be off. Still, it should be of some use, and no set of Lands resources would be complete without this kind of information.

The decks below are presented in alphabetical order. If you do not see a deck on the list and believe is should be there, please feel free to contact me.