Fast Effect – Lands vs Bant

You can support the channel by choosing us for your gaming needs! Bant vs Lands | Legacy Magic: The Gathering w/Commentary | Fast Effect | ELD’s MTG

Fast effect is double speed Magic: The Gathering with commentary from ELD’s Time Vault Games Tournaments. Subscribe for daily videos and your chance to win a custom leather playmat when we reach 2500 subscribers.

Find our decklists at search ELD’s Time Vault Games in event bar

You can see yourself on the channel! We play over Discord every Wednesday and Friday at 6:45pm EST via webcam.

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In Store Weekly Schedule: Tuesday Commander Gathering | 6pm Wednesday Night Legacy | 7:00 PM | 4 rounds Legacy FNM | 7:00 PM | 4 Rounds ELD Open Series Most Saturdays ELD’s Time Vault Games 15 North Main St Suite B-4 Bellingham, MA 02019

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