Dull04 – 4th in the 6/26/21 Legacy Challenge Tournament Report

Hello, I’m Base(@Dull04), and I got 4th in last Legacy Challenge. I’ve been playing Lands about 8 years, and have title of Japan Legacy Championship in 2016. Here’re my report and decklist, but please make sure that I was away from legacy for a long time. MH2 limited is soooo interesting! (I got no Urza’s Saga so can’t try Saga Lands…)

Here is the list

Basically, main deck is same, no change from before MH2. In sideboard, put 3 Endurance, 3rd Force of Vigor and 2 Choke. Endurance is quite powerful for its size, and can be the answer against Doomsday. Vigor is mainly for Saga decks like Affinity, but wasn’t enough. Should be changed Pithing Needle or some, and go towards Glacial Chasm loop for it.

Before playing Lands again, I thought it’ll be very tough to defeat Bant Uro deck. Originally, it wasn’t easy game and they got new option to touch Loam from main game, and 3/4 body is also good for Lands. 2 Chokes are mainly for it. Saga Lands is good deck, but that of Affinity, Jeskai Still, and other Artifact decks are also very powerful. I think lands can get crushed by an opponent’s constructs. And Saga requires many slots in deck. For those reasons, I think I’ll keep to playing this traditional build. OK, here’s a report for the games.

R1 Mono R Prison ×〇〇

Quickly lost first game to Blood Moon, and almost to a crowd of goblins in 2nd game. But they tried to play around my Punishing Fire, which was completely useless. As a result, I got 1 more turn and drew Fire and cast it to kill Magus, then Marit Lage appeared and comes into play thanks to Force of Vigor. In the third game, they mull twice and my hand was the best.

R2 UR Delver 〇〇

After some exchange, it became Marit Lage vs Regent. I had two Valakut Explorations, which means I won. And Valakut erupted in the 2nd game as well.

R3 Mono R Prison ×〇×

Game 1 they have turn 1 Hanweir. Game 2 I cast Punishing Fire on their Magus to make Marit Lage. Game 3 they played Magus again and I drew nothing for a long time but succeeded eventually in playing Slyvan Library and got Punishing Fire. I’d played Glacial Chasm before, so I got turns. And… I played Valakut, but that meant that I couldn’t play Fire to kill another Magus, which they flipped with Fireflux Squad.

R4 Death & Taxes 〇〇

The only creature they played was only PV for whole game 1. I got many cards before it by Sylvan Library. They have only 3 Flickerwhisp and 1 or 2 Skyclave, it makes the game easier. Library, Exploration, Valakut, Loam… I won the 2nd game.

R5 NicFit ×〇〇

There was a Partner, Yorion. I though it was a Bant Control but they played Veteran Explorer. Both Rectors were there, and Academy one calls Emrakul with Omniscience. After taking back the 2nd game with Field of the Dead, game 3 I got an all-in hand for Marit Lage. I decided to go, but they played Leyline and Karakas. My draw is only Moxes and Loams… and Crop. They played Rector on turn 5, with tapping Karakas and Plains. I countered it with Bojuka Bog and Marit attacked.

R6 GW Depth ×〇〇

For a long time, Lands has been threated by Knight of the Reliquary. That was game 1. In the 2nd game, he discarded Karakas to Mox on an early turn and looked to have forgotten it. He allows me to call Marit Lage with his Dark Depth and I won. Knight of the Reliquary collided with Endurance in the last game, and I won.

R7 Saga Still 〇×〇

In the first game, he only played Volcanic Island and 3 Wastelands. I wasted all of them so I didn’t know what he played. In the next game, it became clear. They were on the Saga deck with Standstill, which crushed with Constructs. Game three he played no Sagas and Ragavans, then Sylvan Library worked and chained with Rishadan Port and Choke. Move to Single Elimination with 4th Place…

SE1 Esper Blink 〇〇

This was an interesting deck. Based on Esper Vial deck with Solitude and Grief to play with Ephemerate. Squadron Hawk and Recruiter of the Guard supplies its costs. But for Lands, there’s few creatures and spells, so it became just a low clock creature deck. Pitch creatures do almost nothing. Never drew any spells or Punishing Fires, but copying Maze of Ith protected me for a long time. And once Marit Lage gave me 20 life, it meant that I can take at least 5 turns. I sent Marit Lage every turn and finally fulfilled the promise of victory.

SE2 Saga Still ×〇×

Paired again with the R7 deck. But this game, they played True-name Nemesis on turn 3. Saga and Still weren’t problem, but I was just defeated by this merfolk. Got back the 2nd game with Choke, but the last game was terrible. I was screwed with many Fires and Moxes, whiel their play was Needle, Wasteland, Wasteland, Nemesis.

As I said, I’m just getting back to Legacy so Top4 was just my luck. Loam is losing its power but Lands is still good deck, please try if you got interested, and give me your best Saga Lands decklist! Thank you.

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