Jarvis Yu – Boseiju Lands

Hey all,

Hey all, After Kamigawa, Neon Dynasty has been released on MTGO, I decided to go back to an old favourite in Saga Lands since Boseiju, who Endures is a clearly great card.

I’ve been experimenting with a slightly different build that’s lower to the ground that eschews Valakut Exploration in favour of many Expedition Maps. This is an attempt to be better off versus the ‘faster’ decks or hyperlinear decks that are soft to certain lands (such as Tabernacle and the like). In addition, you can ‘chain’ Expedition Maps together off Urza’s Saga, resulting in a seemingly never ending factory line of Construct tokens. In that vein, I’ve added Glacial Chasm back to the maindeck for the ‘softlock’ it presents in some weird situations.

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Decklist link: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/4501…

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