Jarvis Yu – Brewing with Urza’s Saga (from Modern Horizons 2) in RG Lands

Hey all, Modern Horizons 2 has just come out, and I’m itching to rebuild/retry Lands with new cards. Urza’s Saga seems extremely appealing to me as a self-contained win condition (as well as its obvious synergy with Thespian’s Stage) and letting you play some more fringy 0 / 1 mana artifacts that work well in the deck.

If you’ve never played this deck, the deck essentially wins in one of two ways: Either you lock your opponent down entirely (with Rishadan Port, Wasteland and Ghost Quarter), and kill them with Punishing Fire, or you make a fast Marit Lage to ‘combo’ your opponent.

Decklist: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/3899…
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